1991-2001 Piano lessons with prof. F. Gianello e F. Gamba
1991-1998 Harp lessons with F. Frigotto, N. Alberti e A. Fiori
1999-2001 Harp lessons with A. Loro (Conservatory - Brescia)
2001 harp Diploma with distinction (Conservatory - Brescia)
1999-2002 Private lessons with:
      X. de Maistre, (Vienna Philharmonic - University of Music - Hamburg),
      C. Bianchi (Bayerisches Rundfunk Orchestra - University of Music - Munich),
      E. Witsenburg (Mozarteum – Salzburg -A-)
2001-2003 Master Study with prof. Gisèle Herbet ((University of Music - Würzburg)


2003 - 2004 graduate music teacher - studies (Academy of Music - Würzburg)
2004 - 2004 harp teacher in the "Kästner Kinderdorf" in Oberschwarzach)
2005 - 2006 harp teacher at the music school of the city of Nuremberg
2005 master classes in the Netherlands
2007 - 2008 harp teacher at the Music Academy Bruchhausen-Vilsen
2007-2010 harp teacher at the music school Achim - Verden
since 2008 master classes in Germany
2009 Foundation of harpACademy (
for training, competitions, master classes, concerts.
2013 she is leading a private harp class with diploma as well as boarding school
for gifted young persons - a so far unique project.
since 2014 Lecturer in Hamburg
2016-2019 Professor at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn


Competitions, scholarships

1998 1st prize in the national competition "Dino Caravita" - Ravenna (I)
1st prize in the national competition "The Young for the Young" - Ravenna (I)
1st prize in the national competition "Franz Schubert" - Alessandria (I)
1999 1st prize in the national competition "Young Musicians" - Rimini (I)
1st prize in the international competition "Borromean Islands" - Verbania (I)
1st prize in the national competition "Liburni Civitas" - Livorno (I)
2000 1st prize in the international competition "J. Brahms" - Alessandria (I)
1st prize in the international competition "Genova 2000" - Genoa (I)
2001 1st prize in the national competition "The Young for the Young" - Ravenna (I)
1st prize in the international competition "Arenzano 2001" - Genoa (I)
1st prize in the competition "L. Manenti" - Brescia (I)
2nd prize in the competition "Les Amis du Rififi" - Brescia (I)
2002 Bearer Leni-Greissler Foundation - Scholarship - Würzburg (D)
Bearer DAAD - scholarship - Bonn (D)
2003 Bearer DAAD - scholarship - Bonn (D)
2004 Finalista all’Accademia dei Berliner Philharmoniker – Berlino (D)
since 2002 regular participation as a juror at international competitions



Assia Cunego-Paulus - a harpist who is continually treading new ground. Her harp playing has a unique range of tonal quality. Whilst remaining true to the original piece, her musicality and interpretation are also highly individual. She uses her own variation of specially developed playing and dampering techniques which make her performance not only impeccable but also very free and versatile. Assia’s rich repertoire ranges from Baroque to Classical Music, from Romantic to New and Modern Music, right through to Jazz, Free Improvisation and Religious Music.

Assia Cunego-Paulus has performed about 2500 solo concerts to date:

  • Freunde junger Musiker (D – 2009)
  • Konzertreihe auf Spiekeroog (D – 2008)
  • Simeon ten Holt Festival in Bergen (NL - 2008)
  • Sommerkonzerte auf Föhr (D – 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Musik in Dom Verden (D – 2008)
  • Musik zwischen den Welten in Dresden (D – 2008, 2010, 2012)
  • Canto ostinato Festival in Culemborg (NL – 2008)
  • 8 Tage - Canto ostinato Marathon in Bremen (D – 2008)
  • World Harp Congress in Géneve (CH – 2002)
  • Nationalen Harfenfestival in Rimini (I - 1999)
  • Gioventù Musicale Italiana in Trento (I - 1998)
  • Associazione Mozart Italia in Rovereto (I - 2000)
  • International Festival Mozart in Rovereto (I - 1999)
  • up

    Orchestral experience

    2000-2001 1st harpist with the Orchestra "Città di Verona"
    2001 Won audition: 1st solo harpist with the Symphonic Orchestra "Alfredo Catalani"
    2001-2002 1st harpist with the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra
    2005 Won audition: 1st solo harpist at the opera house in Osnabrück
    since 2010 regular participation - 1st harpist with Klassikphilharmonie Hamburg
    2016-2019 Principal Harpist with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

    Participation in the following orchestras:

    • Neues Kammerorchester – Bremen (harpconcert)
    • Klassische Philharmonie NordWest (harpconcert)
    • Nürnberger Jugendorchester (harpconcert)
    • Holst Sinfonietta – Freiburg (harpconcert)
    • Orchestra da camera "Città di Arco" (harpconcert)
    • Städtischen Orchesters Bremerhaven
    • Orchester des Oldenburgischen Staatstheaters
    • Orchester des Landestheaters Eisenach
    • Kammerorchester di Ingolstadt-Neuburg an der Donau
    • Norddeutsches Philharmonisches Akkordeon Orchester
    • Orchestra "Verona Classica"
    • Orchestra "I giovani musici"
    • Orchestra Pro Arte - Marche
    • Orchestra da Camera di Trento